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I've never been an Artist, lets try something out.


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United States
Im a 22 year old, male scalie, to be more specifc a Dragon,

-You enter a cave to find shelter from a harsh down pour, your relieved to have stumbled upon this sanctuary, your even more so once you see a faint light emerging from the depths of the cave. you wander inward to the light, trying not to be rude you shout to see if anyone's home, to no reply, you assume that the owner might be out and will deal with his/hers question of what your doing in there home as it comes. you enter a big chamber and HOLY S***, a large ,huge amazing quantity of gold, torches line the walls, revealing piles of treasures, from paintings,to precious gems, you even see some strange electronic looking devices in a few piles, but the one that takes the cake for you is not the pile of treasures in front of you, but whats upon it...

a (pretty large for your size) medium sized dragon! , his features (as far as you can tell) reveal it to be a male, you look at the make of this beast, his scales are a dark forest green, under his eyes are small black markings, (from what you can figure, it must be tribal in nature) his size..well as a educated guess seems to be the size of a rather large sofa, or couch.

your fascinated with him, you slowly creep forward to get a closer look and then -CRASH- you accidentally knock over a pile of gold coins!

-the dragons eyes shoot open, his pupils area a iridescent yellow, the areas where the white should be are pitch black- he lifts his head up and does a once over of the room, looking back in forth a few times, at some point he sees you but dosent..oh wait no!, he sees you.

Im a kind Drake, you know, i find value in diffrent ways shapes and forms, if you want to roleplay with me, im all for it., talk to me, i love company~ :3~

Brony/furry/scalie/human..y.. :3

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